Born and Raised:

Harare, Zimbabwe

Starts Acting:

7 yrs old

Joins Choir:

8 yrs old

Picks up the Violin:

13 yrs old

Breaks 100 year-old high school record for music as a junior with senior (honours) accolade:

14 yrs old

Picks up the Cello:

15 yrs old

Awarded Scholarship to study Violin and Cello at National Conservatory:

16 yrs old

Picks up Guitar and the Singing-Songwriting Big Bang Happens!:

20 yrs old

Relocates to The UK to pursue an international music career and Picks up Bass Guitar:

23 yrs old

Present Day:

International artist performing in an average of a dozen countries a year

Spanning 4 continents.


Often going back to perform in the same country multiple times in a year. All solo with his multifaceted live show that includes playing drums nd percussion with his feet along with the usual guitar and vocals. Ryan is currently based in Ibiza Spain

Word On The Street:

Highly Praised Singer and Live Performer.

The one-man record label:

Songwriter, Music Producer, Multi-Instrumentalist

Blogger/Writer, Soundtrack Composer, Video Editor

Graphic Designer, Mentor, Life Coach, Music Adjudicator

Musician's Career Consultant, Online Marketing and Branding Consultant

Actor and Voice Over Artist

Current Projects:

Writing. Recording New Music. Making Music Videos, Launching his own Record Label and Artist Development Hive/Incubator

Currently Making a Documentary including a web series called The African Alchemist to help tell his unique Southern African international story ... 

"If you don't tell your own story, someone else will tell it for you!"

"We gave Ryan a mid evening slot on the main stage in front of 4 000 and watched him turn a field full of chatting people into an engaging festival audience...

He really got the party started!

A heart-stopping live vocal, and what a stage presence! 
Needless to say we booked him for the next year, on the spot!"

- Falls Fest


"We broke our usual protocol and booked Ryan on a weekend which is usually a band affair.

We're glad we did! What a party!

He had the full house in the palm of his hand all night and all on his own!"

- Café Rene: Gloucester, UK

"Ryan came in at our request to do a solo 6-month residency.

We usually rotate artists to keep things fresh but he holds the stage with such brilliance that just keeps people from everywhere coming in, and coming back! What a party!

Plus he sings 4 or 5 hours a night!!

Ryan really connects with his audience and we keep getting queries about the 'Zimbabwean

Ed Sheeran' and if he's playing tonight. It is always sad to see him go! ... Skål in the house!!

- Fisken Nyhavn: Copenhagen, Denmark

"I love Ryan's voice! It's like honey to the ears!"

- Maja: Ibiza, Spain

"Ryan has a beautiful voice that is so expressive and soulful."

- Rica: Berlin, Germany

"Ryan does this amazing smokey poly-tonal thing with his voice! Really hypnotic. I love it!"

- Daniela: Busselton, Australia

"Ryan sings across continents & islands, nations large & small, spreading the gospel of song. 

His voice is encapsulated with pure joy & freedom of spirit.

It was my pleasure to have our paths cross"

- Allan: Auckland, New Zealand

"Ryan plays the guitar like a boss, along with the drums at his feet and he sings,

all at the same time, all with such passion and ease. He sounds like a whole band!"

- Tom: UK

"Watching Ryan perform is like nothing I've ever experienced!

Strumming his guitar as if it is an extension of his body in a manner so sensual that it makes you wish you were the guitar! Then there's his voice!!..." 

- Mette: Denmark

"We heard Ryan singing from our hotel balcony and just had to go see where this angelic voice was coming from! We are now super fans, not just of his talent but of the genuine, humble, positive loving soul he is."

- Grant: Melbourne, Australia

"Ryan really connects with his audience and that live echo thing he does with his voice is mental!"

- Steve: UK

DROWNING IN SPACE // (Official Video)

Runway Vertical Records

© Ryan Koriya 2020