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I See Hearts - Online Tips

Welcome fellow music lover 🎵

This is my I See Hearts music tipping page.

You can also request a song by tipping via the request link below.

(Friday's Birthday Replay Now Up on my Instagram and my Facebook)

Thanks for tuning into my live music streams and for stopping by to show your support.

I am working towards starting 2023 debt-free and finally paying off outstanding fees/bills as a result of the difficult times we've all had these past few years.

As a result, this year, I am spending my birthday at home and streaming on my Instagram and my Facebook from around 8pm CET onwards. That way I can connect with friends and family around the world.

Request A Song in Advance

You can request a song right now in advance and tip after choosing a track. I will be singing your requests on tomorrow's live streams. I have a long list of great tracks to choose from.

I have exciting plans for the this year and you can scroll to the bottom to see what some of them are in the 'Work with Me' section. There are a few ways you may be interested in improving your well-being or supporting my work, or maybe treat someone special with a unique gift voucher.

For example, if you are looking to spice up your romantic life in 2023, you're definitely invited to scroll to the bottom 😉🔥

You are welcome to tip any amount of your choice for my online shows, by easily using the Ko-fi window below or the 'Tip Me' button at the bottom of your screen.


Ko-fi doesn't take any fees and lets you use credit card or PayPal. They are awesome!

Ryan Koriya performing live in The Hague Netherlands - Acoustic guitar and vocal with photographer taking a picture

Strutting my Stuff at a Festival in The Hague, Netherlands

If you'd like to make a money transfer instead, you can also find my bank details below.

You can even use the easy (Transfer) Wise or Revolut options below, if you prefer any of those.


Thanks for helping spread the magic of the arts at a time the world really needs it. 


Much love and remember to keep your love light on ✨


Please feel free to donate as little or as much as you like, change the amount using the box below.


The next Ko-fi page will let you easily choose to pay by Card or with PayPal

(For PayPal, please use the friends/family transaction option if possible, and note that I will also be paying Spanish Tax on all monies raised)

Many thanks once again.


If you are on WhatsApp and are interested in my exclusive group where you will get a personal heads up from me when I perform a live stream or show in future, use the link below to join.

I will only message you when necessary and the good news is that live stream replays are also available for when you are free to watch. 


Direct PayPal Email Info

Please note that if you have the option, please UNTICK 'Goods & Services' and choose to send as 'Friends & Family' to avoid PayPal taking a percentage of your donation. Thanks.

PayPal - UK Pounds: redbarrenx 'at' (Please Use the Friends & Family Option)


PayPal - Euros: ryankoriya 'at' (Please Use the Friends & Family Option)

dollar icon.png
dollar icon.png
dollar icon.png

Direct Bank Transfer Info

If you'd like to send a Direct Bank Transfer, please use the following info. Both UK and Spanish accounts are available

Ryan Koriya - Sabadell Bank Spain 
IBAN: ES4100817039040001699679 - BIC/SWIFT: BSABESBBXXX
Spanish Residential Address:

Calle Colom 3, 3H
Edificio Can Rimbaus, 07819
Nuestra Señora de Jesús
Islas Baleares, Spain

I also have the Bizum money app if you are in Spain. Just use my Spanish phone number to find me on Bizum.



Ryan Koriya - Natwest UK
Account: 86057286 
Sort Code: 601711 
IBAN: GB35NWBK60171186057286 
Branch Address: 153 Putney High Street London SW15 1RX

🎧Request A Song🎧

Check out this fun new way to request a song you'd like me to perform from my large set list. It's also easy for you to securely tip within the song request portal.
Check it out: 

Do Business with The Hearts Man
(or treat someone special with a unique gift voucher)

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