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Ryan performing live at Café Mambo's closing day in Ibiza

The Power of Live Music

Based in Ibiza, Spain

Ryan Koriya is a classically trained musician, singer-songwriter and music producer who has performed his music on four continents in about 20 countries around the world.

Armed usually with his acoustic guitar, foot percussion and a velvety voice that melts the hearts of all ages, Ryan performs his quirky one-mancoustic show and enjoys bringing people together.

Performing original songs if required, Ryan also has a wide range of artists that he covers, from Seal, Sia and Sting to Oasis, Adele, Billie Eillish, Bob Marley, Coldplay, Rihanna, Major Lazor, Bob Sinclar, Daft Punk, Pink Floyd, The Eagles, John Mayer, Lenny Kravitz, Jimi Hendrix, Kings of Leon, Gnarls Barkley, Michael Kiwanuka, The Cranberries, Snow Patrol, Chilli Peppers and many more!

GIFCaliforniation  at Cafe del Mar 2019.

Ryan performing live at Café del Mar in Ibiza

Ryan is available to perform at private events, weddings, bespoke events, on yachts, online streamed events etc.

If you would like to book Ryan for a live show, please email or Whatsapp us below to discuss meeting your particular entertainment needs.

Ryan is also available to write, record and perform your very own custom-written song which you can read more about here.

Able to create an atmosphere and uplift those he meets, whether on or off the stage with his positive vibes, Ryan is available to perform as a solo artist or with a band. (1).gif

Ryan performing live at a Festival in The Netherlands

Audience Responses

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"We gave Ryan a mid evening slot on the main stage in front of 4 000 and watched him turn a field full of chatting people into an engaging festival audience...

He really got the party started!

A heart-stopping live vocal, and what a stage presence!

Needless to say we booked him for the next year, on the spot!"

- Vic Falls Fest


"Ryan really connects with his audience and that live echo thing he does with his voice is mental!

- Steve: UK


"I love Ryan's voice!

It's like honey to the ears!"

- Maja: Ibiza, Spain


"We broke our usual protocol and booked Ryan on a weekend which is usually a band affair.


We're glad we did! He made the party!


He had the full house in the palm of his hand all night and all on his own!"

- Café Rene: Gloucester, UK


"Ryan does this amazing smokey poly-tonal thing with his voice!

Really hypnotic.

I love it!"

- Daniela: Busselton, Australia


Ryan performing live with his band at Café del Mar in Ibiza

Audience Reactions

Live Acoustic
Live with Full Band

Watch Ryan as he spreads love and good vibes around the world on his previous tours. The acoustic version of this original song is at the end of this video...

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