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Ryan Koriya (Music)

Passion Pop*
for fans of Coldplay, John Mayer, Snow Patrol, Seal, Paulo Nutini, Ed Sheeran, Kings Of Leon, Michael Kiwanuka etc

I See Hearts (Music)

Passion Folk*
for fans of Damien Rice, Bon Iver, David Gray, Matt Corby Daughter, Glen Hansard, Radiohead, Stephen Fretwell, Scott Matthews, Angus & Julia Stone, Ed Sheeran, etc

Original Motion Picture Soundtracks

Songs written specifically for film*
Featuring sounds ranging from African music, World Music (Istanbul), Reggae to Instrumentals and Classical Orchestral Film Music
Volume 1. the album will be released soon

Documentaries (Films)

African Astronauts

An online film series showcasing real-day Africans sharing what they think being African really is, some of these faces may surprise you

The African Alchemist

An online film series revealing how a Zimbabwean Pop singer is breaking barriers and is building an international arts career. Operating as a portable one-man record label by living out of a suitcase and touring to a dozen countries a year

Online Communities

Safe Space Zimbabwe

A safe online community for Zimbabweans the world over, to share and discuss taboo issues such as mental health, sex education, spirituality and race. 
Also providing a self-help, self-development platform

Afronauts Music Academy

An online community for independent artists from anywhere in the world to learn about the music business of today. To share and learn how to navigate their way to a successful career

Runway Vertical Records

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