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Your BespokeWedding Song

Make your own soundtrack. Yes, you read that right!


Imagine celebrating your big day with your very own original bespoke wedding song, as a studio-quality recording! For bespoke anniversary songs, click here

Let your inspiration and imagination run wild...


  • Perhaps you want your wedding vows wittingly thrown in there?

  • Maybe a cheesy lyric you've always had between the two of you from a special time together?

  • Fancy having your own voices feature as a cameo?

  • Heck, why not throw in your pets while you're at it! A meaow or wuff wuff can sometimes complement the doof doof when savvy comes to play.

  • This is also a great way for you to surprise your partner with the ultimate timeless gift.

  • If the criteria is right and you're feeling ambitious, your song could even be released on Spotify, Apple and other musical platforms worldwide!

  • Another great way to surprise your partner when you flick them a link to your very own original track that is actually live and streaming on your favourite music platform around the world with your gorgeous selves on the cover art! Now that's what we call a party trick!​


Available To Couples Worldwide...

As a singer-songwriter, producer and film composer based in Ibiza Spain, I am excited to offer this exciting new tailor-made premium experience for newly weds-to-be, no matter where in the world they are getting married.


A special song that will be yours to treasure forever. The song style and genre can be tailored to your own tastes too...

  • Maybe you'd like a sultry acoustic number at the ceremony and bring on the teary sass?

  • How about an electronic club banger to shimmy to on the dancefloor?

  • Some Reggae never went amiss for the right Mr and Mrs, or Mr and Mr, or Mrs and Mrs.

  • Perhaps you are into the idea of something cinematic to put ol' Braveheart to shame?

Live Appearance

If possible, I could also be available to perform live at your wedding or even beam in a live streamed performance of your special bespoke song on the day. This can be discussed during your initial discovery call.


Whatever your rhythm, I will be happy to...

  • Write, perform and record an original song just for you

  • Produce your gorgeous new 'frankenstein of love' in the recording studio

  • Deliver the recording for your special day in high quality audio which can then be included in your wedding video or perhaps you'd like it to be a separate slide show with images of fun times gone by?

Something that will be a keepsake and conversation starter at many an occasion long into the future.

If this sounds like the right kind of 'je ne sais quoi' for your wedding day, you can book a call with me to discuss the ideas you have, price options and what I'd need from you to make it happen. Even phone recordings of you or the pets we mentioned are usable in the process of creating studio quality music.


Meet The Artist...

Ryan Koriya is a classically trained singer-songwriter and music producer who has performed his music on four continents in about 20 countries around the world. You can check out audience reactions to Ryan's performances here.

Below are three versions of the same original song called When Hope Is Lost.

1. Deep House

2. Acoustic

3. Reggae

Your bespoke track will be created following your own musical tastes...

Watch Ryan as he spreads love and good vibes around the world on previous tours. The acoustic version of this original song is at the end of this video...

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